Sunday, April 3, 2022

Men of Marionville promo goals


April 3, 2022

Setting goals is a good way to self-motivate, so I set one for myself. I will promo the entire Men of Marionville collection in the Facebook groups I belong to over the next few weeks. I've never done that but it feels like the time to be intentional about it. 

Promo has always been hit or miss for me. One takes the time to do it, but it's difficult to say if the results are immediately positive. Sales spikes do happen, but often it is a week or two after the promo is posted. It's a crazy business. 

I enjoyed writing the Men of Marionville, and I'd like to revisit it someday. Marionville is not that far from Centerville, and maybe I should take a trip back there, too. Hot guys and fast American-made muscle cars. What's not to like? 

Now I'm off to Facebook to execute my plan. I'll do that for a space of time, and switch off to work on other projects. I can only stand doing so much promo in one day before my brain shuts off. 


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