Monday, April 4, 2022

Memories: The A to Z Blogging Challenge

April 4, 2022

It occurred to me this morning that it was April and I never checked out the A-Z Blogging Challenge page. I did the A-Z for six years, from 2011 to 2016, and it was fun - for the first five years, anyway. I don't remember what it was in 2016 that made me decide that was my last year, and it hardly matters now. 

The A-Z is currently underway, so given that I donated so much time to it in the past, I thought I'd jump on its bandwagon and post links back to the beginning of those previous years. It will be a nice stroll down memory lane for me this morning. 


2011 A-Z Blogging Challenge. I forgot I shared my A-Z calendars! I heard about the challenge at the eleventh hour and blundered forward with it. And it worked out fine!                   

2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge. Again, I shared my calendar to get it going. And I hadn't yet gotten on the fact that someone had made alphabet blocks for each day. That came later.

2013 A-Z Blogging Challenge. My 2013 challenge had a theme: All About the Books. Once again, I did a calendar and A Hard Habit to Break was my "A." I'd finally discovered the alphabet blocks at this point.

2014 A-Z Blogging Challenge. In 2014 the mere blocks were green and I used that color on my calendar. I don't know if I did that on purpose for a tie-in or if it was mere serendipity. My theme in 2014 was "A Rural Life," and I shared bits about living in far out in the country on the side of a mountain.

2015 A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme was "Many Sundry Things," and the blogs were all over the board. Someone at the challenge headquarters did a calendar, and while I had my own, I didn't post it.

2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme was, "It's All About Time." Apparently, time management was on my mind at that point in my life. Amber Quill had just closed and I needed to self-pub a lot of books, we'd had a blizzard, my mother had surgery, my best friend moved away, and I'd just gotten an eight-week-old puppy - Deuce! And to top it all off, I'd had the hair-brained idea that my alter-ego, Rayne Forrest, should also do the A-Z. 

2017 A-Z Blogging Challenge. My walk down memory lane has jogged my memory. Something in the format was changed in 2017 and I bowed out. 

So there it is. My history as part of April's A-Z Blogging Challenge. I hope you'll enjoy the old posts if you decide to go back and read them. 


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