Sunday, June 5, 2022

This could have started out a bit better

 June 5, 2022

Retirement. What a concept. What a plan!

This could have started out a wee bit better. Why, you ask? I was less than a week into it, and my dog tried to kill me. Well, maybe not kill me, but he certainly maimed me. And it was my own fault.

One sunny morning, Deuce and I headed out for our walk. It was going so well until we were at the last creek on the way home. There was a fallen stick across his favorite watering hole so "Mommy" thought she'd get that out of his way. 

Big mistake. Huge!

I turned my back on the dog and reached for the stick. HE thought it was Fetch the Stick time and lunged for it which knocked me off my feet in the middle of the creek. I went down hard into the water and onto several large rocks. I'm damned lucky I didn't break a hip and lie there in the cold water for hours until someone had the thought they should come look for me. 

I have the largest bruise I've ever had in my entire life on my left hip. I jammed my left wrist, something that was made worse by my Versa Fitbit digging into my flesh. My right side ribs took a beating. Thankfully, my knees escaped all injury except for a couple of smaller rocks causing temporary pain as I struggled to get to my feet. Thankfully, I was able to walk home, wet shoes and all. 

The spousal unit made an attempt to convince me to go for x-rays, and maybe I should have. My immediate sense of things was I'd not broken any bones. Ten days later I know I'm basically okay. The bruise has faded a bit and the swelling has gone down in my wrist. Sitting at the computer and typing has been problematic, but the wrist feels pretty good this morning. The hip is feeling healed enough that I'm going to take a short walk and see how it feels afterward.

We live and we learn. I know how excited Deuce gets about chasing sticks. A retriever has to retrieve. I wasn't paying enough attention to what he was doing - my bad and my fault. The poor dog didn't know what to make of me sitting in the creek. He's forgotten it all by now. 

I managed to do a bit of writing work this past week, but nothing near what I'd hoped. This is just real life, or at least my life. Sometimes I think the universe doesn't like me to make plans. 

Or maybe it does so it can toss roadblocks at me. I'll have to think about that. 


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