Friday, May 27, 2022

And we have a title and new cover!

May 27, 2022

The first few days of "retirement" have been anything except retiring. I've been busy!

Monday - changed the water filter and put the fencing up around my garden to keep the deer out of it.

Tuesday - burned a brush pile, finished chapter nine of the work-in-progress, AND got the title!

Wednesday - went for groceries, the spousal unit sold the Silverado, did a load of laundry, blogged at Holly Tree Manor (The Hideaway), and I finished the cover for Riding Against the Wind

Thursday - we had a siblings lunch with his two sisters and one brother, got the SIM cards updated in our phones, and we mowed. 

Okay. It's Friday. When do I get a day off?

My plan to spend a portion of each day writing is not off to a great start. Yes, I'm another chapter in, and the cover is finished, but putting on my writer's hat two days a week will not a finished book make. 

To be fair to myself, I didn't actually expect my routine to settle down right away. Our little manor on the mountain is three acres in size and there's a lot to be done to keep our lives flowing smoothly. I think I've done pretty well to have spent at least parts of two days practicing the craft. With rain imminent, today will likely be the third day. 

I'm sure my imagined mornings spent on the patio with the spousal unit will come to pass. Eventually, I know I'll lift my hands up and declare I'm taking the day off to sit back and appreciate all the hard work I've done. If not, what was the point of doing it?

Right now, "retirement" feels much like my annual vacation except I don't feel the ramping up of the stress related to knowing I need to go back to work next week. It's a little different. 

That's enough musing for today. The next chapter of Riding Against the Wind isn't going to write itself, and a rainy day is perfect for working on it. 

So here's the obligatory teaser: Riding Against the Wind, the sequel to Ride Your Luck, coming soon!

Although "soon" may still be relative. After all, I am retired now! 


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