Monday, February 16, 2009

The best note from a reader, and a few lesser reviews

**updated 6/26/17**

I've gotten several reviews lately, ones I'll share in a moment, but by far the best review came in the form of a reader from Montreal, Canada, who has already finished her copy of A Taste of Victory. I asked her if I could share her comments and she graciously said, 'yes'. **A Taste of Victory is no longer available.**

I wanted to say that I finished your book. It was so nice to see all three stories together. I'd already read one, but it was nice to get acquainted with Micah and Jonas, and then Levi and Stacy. That Levi, what a firecracker LOL! I enjoyed your book tremendously. The sex is hot, yes, but the stories are interesting and filled with such hope. After reading these, you get a sense that anything is possible. Thank you so much!

Praise from a reader is what matters most. Thank you, Roxanne.

For some other reviews:

Shining Victory
I was a little surprised Romance Junkies reviewed one of my stories. I hope it's a good trend. They're a wee bit PG13 on their list, and considering Shining Victory is a love story about two men.... you get the picture.

Passion's Victory
"The compassion and care just flows from the pages. I really enjoyed Passion's Victory, it touched my emotions on so many levels." - Ley, reviewer, Joyfully Reviewed

Passion's Victory was a Romance Studio 2008 CAPA nominee, and while it didn't get the nod, it shows the strength of the story, and I was very pleased with the honor.

Surrendered Victory
"Surrendered Victory is a great story and a terrific beginning to what could be a very loving relationship." Ley, reviewer, Joyfully Reviewed

Well, Ley, could be a sequel coming for Dalton and Reed some day.

KC Kendricks

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