Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give, get, and give again

July 26, 2011

For these past many months I’ve suffered with insomnia. It’s not the first time this has happened, and it probably won’t be the last. I put up with it because I must, but if it doesn’t resolve on its own, sooner or later, I’ll resort to the Tylenol PM to snap my biorhythm back into shape.

The inability to sleep often has hidden causes, but I’m pretty sure the root cause of it this time is an overloaded schedule. Too much going on at work, too much going on in my personal life, and not enough time for my passion – writing. Through a stroke of genius, I wrote about a thousand words today.

Okay, it was pure selfish bullheadedness, but who cares? Sometimes I just need to tell everyone and everything to take a number until I’ve banged out a part of the story that has suddenly become clear. I had to get it down while the scene was fresh in my mind. And guess what? The sky didn’t fall on anyone!

My mood started early this morning. Emphasis on early, please. Last evening, I was tired enough to resort to fixing myself a hot toddy in the hope it would knock me out and help me sleep all night straight through. It had every indication of doing just that until 5:16 AM.

What, you ask, does 5:16 AM have to do with it? Promise you won’t call the ASPCA or PETA, or charge me with spousal abuse, and I’ll tell you.

I love my cat. He’s a black and white with tuxedo markings. Quite the handsome boy if I must say so myself, with personality plus. He’s also not allowed to sleep in the bedroom when I’m sleeping in the bedroom. The RETIRED spousal unit knows this. I don’t care if the cat sleeps on the bed all day long because I’m not in bed with him. The cat is NOT a polite bed partner. He pounces on anything that moves.

This morning the brush of whiskers on my cheek and the sinking of not-so-tiny claws into my bosom got my instant attention at the ungodly hour of 5:16 AM. I think I may have mentioned the time earlier in this post, but I’m running short on sleep which can affect the memory. I was sound asleep, and then I was wide-awake. It took, oh…. .000001 seconds.

In .001 seconds, the spousal unit was awake and diving for cover. He’s in charge of not allowing the cat into the bedroom if he comes to bed later than I do, which he did last night. In .1 seconds, the cat was off the bed clawing at the door in the vain attempt to make a clean escape. By this time, all the commotion had the dog barking, and my hope of a solid eight hours of sleep had been whittled down to settling for six and a quarter hours. Unacceptable.

I threw the cat out into the heat and made the dog go down to the den in the basement. The man was more problematic. Locking him in the bathroom doesn’t work. I gave him the bed and took up residence on the daybed in the sunroom where I remained until my alarm went off at six.

And woke the spousal unit again.
And he doesn’t know how to shut it off my alarm.
He had to get out of bed and pull the plug.

I’m still laughing.

Bad KC.

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Unknown said...

Oh my God do I hear you on the insomnia. I'm writing this now as I suffer. :) What a crazy morning! Thanks for sharing as I needed a laugh.