Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Disconnect of Disrespect

December 1, 2012

Coming up with an opening line to interest people in reading your blog isn't always easy if you've chosen a topic to get something off your chest. Is there ever a good place to start when the emotions are in play? I don't know, but here goes. 

It was brought home to me last night just how much times have changed. How much people have changed. What happened was at the local bowling alley. I can hear you scoffing across miles of fiber optics now, but I'm not talking about bowling. I'm talking about what happens when a group of people are in the same place at the same time. Venue hardly matters. 

In the two years I've been bowling in the Friday night league, I've seen coats tossed on the floor so someone else could use the hanger, bowling bags flung down on top of a girl's purse (which broke her husband's eyeglasses he needs to drive that were inside the purse), shoes kicked aside so someone else could set their shoes in that exact spot, and full cups of soft drinks tossed in the trashcan so guys could play cards at that spot on the counter.

When did we become so disconnected to the concept of common courtesy we can't do something as simple as respect the personal property of others?

Perhaps I'd understand it better if it were the same person doing these things. I could look at my girlfriend and we would very quietly move our belongings away from him/her. But each of these instances were perpetrated by someone different - to the same person. (Think about how I'd know this.) And if those things have all happened to one person (a person bowling in the same league and therefore known to these people) I think it's safe to say it's happened to others. 

I'm really not sure what to make of this behavior. What causes it? Is it the fracturing of the family? A lack of parenting? Addiction to video games? The influence of the current trends in what passes as "music?" Too many entitlements? Not enough church? The failing of the education system? I really don't know.

What I do know is each of us are responsible for our own behavior. If we respect others, and their belongings, the chances are they will respect us and ours. Give it a try. I swear to you it's not too difficult to do, and you might just make the part of the world you inhabit a better place.

KC Kendricks

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