Monday, November 11, 2013

A shout-out for Antietam Tree and Turf

November 11, 2013

The tree-trimmers arrived this morning before eight o'clock. You can tell by some of the photos the sun was barely over the mountain. I was ready, though. These guys were here in May of 2011 and I remembered they get an early start. They also hustle. These guys WORK. 

And no, this is certainly not a paid endorsement of the company. We paid them to take down two problem trees. I just happen to think a company who exceeds what they said they would do is worth a recommendation. 

It was fascinating to watch the crew work. One guy floated among the treetops and the other handled duties on the ground. Safety first was definitely the first order of every thing they did. The trees came down, limb by limb and branch by branch, until nothing remained but the trunk. That came down in pieces, too. Everything but the largest pieces went through the shredder and became mulch. We have nothing to clean up, either. They did it all, raking the entire work area. There are no sticks left to hit with the mower.  

If you live in Maryland, anywhere from Frederick to Cumberland, and probably beyond, and need a tree service, Antietam Tree deserves a call. We have three more trees that are too large for us to feel comfortable with taking down ourselves. I won't even call and price shop. Come spring, after I've saved my pennies, I'll simply call these guys. 

A good job the first time is a pleasant surprise. A good job the second time is proof of the way a company does business. Antietam Tree has my business. 

Now I have to write a story about tree-trimmers. After all, I have videos saved to show my characters how to do it. 


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