Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do you shake, pound, flip and slice?

November 6, 2013

It's time for me to come clean. Admit to being a bit narcissistic, even. I've been known to spend a lot of money on "beauty" supplies.

It's true. I won't leave the house if I haven't had a shower and washed my hair. I won't leave the house without at least SPF30 tinted moisturizer on my face. And since there is something in spray cologne formulas that makes me cough, I shower with scented gels which don't have the same choking effect.

The bottom line in all this is - it's not cheap to be a modern woman. If I could get back even a small percentage of the money I've spent on my hair, face and skin, I could retire now. But even with all the niceties available to prepare us to face the workday, I'm cheap. That's right - cheap. I take "frugal" to new levels. Give me a beauty product and I will find a way to shake, pound, flip, slice and scoop every last drop of elixir out of the container.

This morning I concluded I've reached the obsessive stage with my favorite body cream. I use this in several different scents and it's wonderful. (I like the Midnight Pomegranate so you can bet Bath & Body will stop making it.)  Thick and creamy, it goes on like silk and the scent stays on my skin all day and it doesn't give a person numb-nose. The thing is, it's a bit expensive, which to me means it's ever so important not to waste it down to the very last smear.

I shake the tube. I tap the tube on the counter. I squeeze it like I'm juicing a lemon. But this morning? Well, I cut off the sealed end of the tube and used my finger to scoop out enough cream for today. There's more in the tube, too, clinging to the inside so you can bet your butt I'll keep cutting until I get the cap and have used every drop. 

Frugal or tightwad? Say what you will in public, but I bet I won't be the only person cutting the ends off of tubes to use all the products after you read this. So maybe I'm a trendsetter!

Yeah. Let's go with that. It's better than kooky writer.

 KC Kendricks

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