Thursday, November 7, 2013

An unexpected stroll on a rainy day

November 7, 2013

It's gray and dreary in my corner of the world today. There's a chill in the air and a slow rain has spread dampness into every nook and cranny in the old building I work in, except the office areas. What the lack of heat is doing to this grand old lady, I wouldn't want to guess, but I know it's not helping the original plaster on the second and third floors any.

And being that it's raining, today is the day the man came to see about fixing the fence our neighbor's tenants destroyed when they were evicted. (Some people have no respect of another's property.)

I slipped off my heels and into the old shoes I keep in the closet and dutifully walked outside with him. He apologized for coming in the rain, explaining how he's blessedly busy these days, something I do understand. Once outside, something happened as I took the first mist-laden breath.

The tension of the morning bled out of me. I spread my arms wide and stretched, listening to all the "pops" in my shoulders and spine. The man grinned and told me he was glad he didn't have a desk job.

We walked along the fence, chatting, and I realized I was with an honest man - very good company, indeed. The chill didn't matter, nor the rain. For a few moments I was outside and free.

He shook my hand as we parted, and promised to send a bid within the next few days. I came back inside to a warm, dry office, but I'm ruined for the day. Spreadsheets and budgets can't compete with a stroll on a rainy day.


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