Saturday, March 22, 2014

Give Me One Night on the Seductive Studs & Sirens blog hop

March 22, 2014

**This blog hop is no longer in existence.**

I'm changing it up this week and visiting the Seductive Studs and Sirens weekly blog hop. No particular reason other than too much routine can be, well, too much. This week I have a short excerpt from Give Me One Night



My quarry stood at the bar, sipping what appeared to be a soda. I stepped into the whirling yellow disco lights, planted my feet, squared my shoulders, put my hands on my hips, and waited for him to spot me. It didn’t take long.

He looked me up and down, a slow, lazy appraisal that focused my attention on his face. Then he smiled and lowered his eyelids with a slight nod of his head.

In that instant I knew something about him there are no flowery or romantic words for—only gut instinct. He wanted me to fuck him.

My body responded to the knowledge. Arousal snapped through me, sending shivers down my spine.

My nipples, sensitive as any girl’s, tingled to the point the fabric of my sweater rubbing against them became deliciously painful. My cock swelled to its full seven-and-three-quarter-inch glory in a single pounding heartbeat.

I’d fuck him until he was limp as a rag doll in less time than that if I could get my hands on him.


Give Me One Night is now available at 
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Rob Z Tobor said...

Hello I am helping on the A to Z this year and am doing my bit by visiting various blogs. I must admit I tend not to visit adult content blogs so I have kept my eyes closed.

OK I did until I realized I had typed total rubbish, which some say I do anyway. Good luck with the A to Z, but I will just mention at present you have CAPTCHA activated and it tends to put folk off so they dont comment, some folk have problems reading the letters or numbers. I would recommend that it is worth turning it off if only for April as it will help visitors.

I will be passing again in April so as I have said already good luck.

Unknown said...

Wow! Intense visceral reaction. Whew...I'd say there's more than flashing lights in the air.

KC Kendricks said...

I guess it's safe to say I have fun writing the stories :)Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! And just keep teasing me with Don't Call Me Iron Man. Can't wait to be able to read the entire story.

KC Kendricks said...

Hi Rob. Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys. I'm getting anxious for the A to Z to start, too. I do like to keep the CAPTCHA since I picked up a "fan" in 2012. I'll take it off for the A to Z but I due to the nature of the post my "fan" left, I won't remove moderation.

Some people just can't stand to see someone else loving life and having fun.

Unknown said...

Just getting here from SeductiveSnS...

Wow, talk about instant attraction! And at a place with disco lights, no less. Nice!