Sunday, March 30, 2014

That pesky headline news addiction meets Twitter at

March 30, 2014

I love to read the headlines. If it's weird and different (or NASCAR) it catches my attention. I wish I could break the habit, but I'd have to change the homepage my browser opens up to and you know what a hassle that is. 

Yeah, okay. You busted me. I really don't want to lose the addiction to the headlines. I might miss out on something really intellectual such as which actress/starlet went on talk television without her underwear. No, I did NOT read that article. I try to stay top shelf. Like this one about Jack Daniels whiskey.

And then there are the cat and dogs stories. The big red S on my forehead is for sucker. I guess I get sucked in to reading about half of those stories. Add funny pet videos under this category for another time waster. 

Thanks to my buddy Brenda Williamson, I now have another outlet for feeding the beast. It's called . is - okay I don't know what it REALLY is. It's a website that gathers articles from blogs and tweets from Twitter and creates a personalized "newspaper" just for you that you can share with the world. You set up your own paper and tell it what content to look for for you. Brenda created one and it was such fun to read I jumped on board, too. (It's likely tracking my every move, but I'm pretty harmless. Track away.) 

The KC Kendricks Media Daily. Two parts interesting stuff from around the Internet and one part promotional tool. I'm still learning the system and tweaking the search parameters - it's a work in progress, much like myself. If you follow me on Twitter, just watch the feed at for the daily link. If you want to go check it out sooner, try and then search for KC Kendricks.  You can actually subscribe if want. 

Is it going to make the headline news more fun? It might. My "paper" is more about romance and romance authors than anything else, so what's not to like about that? More romance is what we need in the world. 



Christine London said...

I always loved Jay Leno's Goofy Headlines with typos and worse. Great chuckles.
A-Z Challenge partner, Christine London here---just dropping by to see if the madness has yet set in (even before we begin) What is "A" for? Hmm...
Hope to see you around the A-Z April world.

KC Kendricks said...

It seems like I've been preparing for this year's A to Z Challenge since May of last year. I can't believe the launch is in just two days.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!