Friday, March 28, 2014

Mindfully doing

March 28, 2014

Is there ever a good time to be too busy? I wouldn't know. I'm always busy and to what degree hardly matters. Busy is busy in my world. I complete one task and another pops up on my list to take its place. I'm not whinging, mind you. I'd rather be busy than bored. But some days I need to step back, gather my wits, and figure out a new order for events my world. 

This morning was typical in that I arrived at work, settled at my desk with a cup of coffee, and opened my calendar. The A to Z Blogging Challenge is four days away - check. Moon Dances should be released April 5/6 - check. Sign up for My Sexy Saturday - um, no. There doesn't appear to be one this weekend. Bowling - check. Employer stuff - check, check, check, and check. Oil change - check. Price stone for driveway - check. Stop by the wine store - check. Coffee order - check. Yep, there's a lot on my list for today and what really needs to be there is a reminder to take a few deep breaths every morning. 

When I see my to-do list getting to this point I know it's time to prioritize a few things. Doing mind-lessly is very different from doing mind-fully and the latter is better. If I take on my tasks and do them mindfully, paying attention to what I'm actually doing, the result is more satisfying and my mental state more positive. Sound like psychiatric-speak? Perhaps, but I don't see it that way.

What I do know is if I pay attention to what I'm doing, even the more onerous tasks seem easier. I need to price stone for my long lane to repair the damage done this past winter. Calling the quarry is a pain in the ass because it's blatantly obvious quarry personnel as a whole don't like dealing with homeowners. I'll deal with them mindfully because the end result - a smooth surface on the lane - will be achieved more quickly than if I don't. And having a restored surface will make me happy every time I drive my Charger in and out the lane. So I'll take a deep breath and pick up the phone. 

But for the record, I won't need a deep breath before I stop at my local wine shack. I'll save that until I'm inside since they also now sell gourmet coffees. I expect to do quite a bit of mindful shopping when I get there this afternoon. After all, I'm buying moments to savor with the people I care about. I hope I'm never too busy for that. 


PS. That's not my calendar. I found a .jpg on the Internet after I screwed up taking a photo of mine. I wasn't mindful enough of the lighting.

7/5/14 PSS. Moon Dances is now available at

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