Friday, February 27, 2015

A Conversation Between Writers - Do we really want gasoline?

February 27, 2015

Wherein KC and Brenda whine about buying gasoline. We need to write more so we can afford cars that are not ten years old. 


KC Kendricks:

I'm about whipped and it's not even 9 AM. I stopped and filled up the gas tank - $52, then stopped at the ATM so I'd have some cash on me for those little necessities of life like groceries. $152 and I hadn't even hit the city limits. Jeez.

For once, I don't have much to do today. I'm here alone - again - and I plan to be a very bad girl. I have several stories started and it struck me last night that one of them is seriously off track right from the beginning of chapter 2. I'm going to fix that since I have all this peace and quiet around me.


Brenda Williamson:

I have a gas guzzler, but it has a big tank, so I don't have to fill up often. It doesn't matter the price of gas, I still cringe. Money always seems to drain from my account so quickly...worse, I don't even have to leave town for it to happen. The miracle of the internet.

Being bad is good--productive. I always need to fix stuff. 

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