Friday, May 15, 2015

A Conversation Between Writers - Take Two Aspirins

May 15, 2015

A Conversation Between Writers goes back for many years. I've known Brenda since 2005 so we have ten years of email yak-yak-yak to share. We call each other from time-to-time, and even have been known to Skype, but with two busy lives, email is what keeps the conversation flowing. 

Take Two Aspirins

Damien now has cold. Yesterday was his day off and we spent it watching TV. Well me watching and fetching his snacks while he napped ---A LOT.  - Brenda Williamson
We're both hacking and coughing. I think it's the general poor air quality in the house left over from winter. It was 60F degrees this afternoon and I cracked open a couple of windows to let some fresh air in and Ron huffed and puffed. I turned my back and he shut 'em so when he stepped into another room I opened different ones. They're still cracked open. The heat pump is just outside my office window and when it cycles on for the first time this evening, I'll close them.  - KC Kendricks

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