Saturday, May 30, 2015

MSS #94- The Back Stairs by KC Kendricks

May 30, 2015

Welcome to the weekend and another My Sexy Saturday blog hop. I've begun work on a new Sundown and Fallon story so it seems right to revisit them at the beginning in The Back Stairs. When Sundown says Fallon doesn't know him, boy, is he right! But who expects to find a shapeshifter living downtown?

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“Fallon, you do not know me at all. But someday, perhaps you will."

There I was, straddling him, my dick in my hand, and he wanted to play cryptic word games. What was the price of getting him on his belly with his ass in the air for me?

“What the hell does that mean? Never mind. Just roll over. I promise to cuff you to the bed and spank you next time.”

He snickered and pulled his knees up to his chest, thighs spread to show me everything he had. The rosy, full cock on his pale belly, the lobed sac with its smattering of hairs, the round tight rosebud—good grief, what a tempting display, and he knew it. Sundown smiled, his full lips bowed beneath a green gaze full of challenge.

“Take what I offer while you can.”

I conceded and agreed to momentary defeat. I wanted him, and he could have me any way he wanted to take me. My palm connected with his left buttock, hard. Sundown yelped, sounding for all the world just like a dog. I smacked him again, and he growled.

“You will cease that, Fallon, if you wish to continue.”

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Book 1 in the Sundown saga

About The Back Stairs

Fallon Roxbury has a nose for trouble, and the uncanny ability for landing in the middle of it the moment he finds it. While investigating the gruesome murder of a young male prostitute in the red-light district, Fallon gets a whiff of something very strange. Forensics has unidentified hairs. Very unidentified hairs, like nothing in any of the textbooks. Following a tip from a person of interest, Fallon meets Sundown, an apparent hustler who knows a lot more than he will admit.

Getting personally involved with Sundown breaks every rule in the police manual, and in Fallon’s own personal code. Sundown is like a drug, and Fallon can’t stop at just one hit. When Sundown is forced to reveal the truth, Fallon’s world is turned upside down, and he’s left with only two options: check himself in for psychiatric evaluation, or accept a new reality with a strange shift.

Shapeshifters, that is.

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