Monday, June 1, 2015

The Ghost Makes Three - coming soon

June 1, 2015

So a guy buys a house and it has a resident ghost....

This is what I love about romance fiction. It's freakin' fun, baby! You can give a guy a career, a new house, the man of his dreams AND a resident ghost - and everyone is happy! Well, the ghost is a little unhappy he's a ghost, but he's not making a big fuss about it. 

Spooky ghost stories? Not my thing. A ghost with his own ideas about sex? I can dig it.

The Ghost Makes Three by KC Kendricks and Christiane France.

Look for it the weekend of June 6 (or 7), 2015, at Amber Allure. 
(It all depends when the powers that be a AQP push the button to make it live. 

An excerpt is up on my website (please forgive the mess, I'm working on it).


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