Friday, June 19, 2015

A Conversation Between Writers - Going Indie

June 19, 2015 I decided...I'm going to format my m/m story for Kindle. No backing out. I spent all morning playing with photos trying to decide on a simple, easy cover. Of course nothing is simple and certainly not cheap. But the cover is the first thing they see, then the title, then the blurb, and then they buy and are stuck with everything inside :-) I had almost decided on a mountain scene and then I saw this guy's face and thought - yum. So I bought a handsome man...well at least the right to use his face. Now if that isn't commitment I don't know what is.  Now I HAVE to get the story ready. -Brenda Williamson
That is a really good cover. It's simple and it's HOT. And where exactly did you find that guy? Are you going to try and get some of your self-pubbed into print, too. Indie publishing, here I come. - KC Kendricks

Available now: Hey, Joe by KC Kendricks

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