Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ride Your Luck for this My Sexy Saturday

September 19, 2015

Sometime this weekend, the powers that be at Amber Allure are going to push the button and Ride Your Luck will go live. No one knows exactly when until it happens. 

**UPDATED 9/20/15 - Ride Your Luck is now available. Visit for more info.**

Until then, here's seven sexy paragraphs from Ride Your Luck for this My Sexy Saturday. Be sure to check out the linky list at the bottom of this post for more great excerpts.


I grinned at him. “Won’t it look suspicious us riding out again?”

“I don’t care.” He flashed me a sly-looking smile. “Saddle up, bronco.”

My cock turned to steel, eager to lead the way. “I’ll meet you in the barn.”

I stacked my plate on his so he could put them in the dishwasher. Then I headed back to my bedroom to get my hat.

And a condom. And some lube packs.

I crammed them in a pocket and opened the door. Wythe stood there, blue eyes blazing. Before I could say a word he propelled me backwards to the bed. We collided with the edge of the mattress and tumbled down together.

His fevered lips kissed my neck as his hands yanked my shirt out of my pants. I undid his belt and pulled down the tab of his zipper. We grunted and groused at each other until we were both naked and panting. He fisted my shaft and stroked me. My eyes crossed and my toes curled.


More about Ride Your Luck:

Regan Oakley’s luck ran out. After a stint in rehab, he’s putting his life back together without the booze. What he thinks is an old friend’s charity is really a plea for help. There’s trouble at the Bar RC Ranch and the friend’s son is in the middle of it. Regan takes one look at Wythe Carver and knows that young man isn’t the only one with his world turned upside down.

Wythe Carver’s life took a strange turn. Suspected of murdering the ranch foreman, he’s hanging on, one day at a time. The person who could alibi him has disappeared and Wythe can’t find him. To make matters worse, his prize stallion is loose on the range. Complicating his life even more, his father called an old friend to come help out at the ranch. One look at Regan Oakley is all Wythe needs to know it’s going to get hot at night. 

Regan sets out to find the truth of what happened that night at the Bar RC. He’s sure Wythe is innocent, and he’s just as sure he has no business getting involved with the boss’s son. With no solid proof to clear Wythe, Regan needs to ride his luck to get to the truth and keep Wythe by his side. 


For a full excerpt, please visit

KC Kendricks


Murees Dupè said...

Congratulations! You must be so excited. Wishing you well with your release.

KC Kendricks said...

Thank you! I still do get excited when I have a new book come out. It's the culmination of a long journey.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today :)