Saturday, June 4, 2016

Vacation, vacation? Who stole my vacation?

June 4, 2016

I've always enjoyed my spring vacation. I take the week following Memorial Day because, generally speaking, my birthday falls at the end of that week. Do people really enjoy working on their birthday? I don't. I want to kick back and relax on my birthday. Anyway, spring vacation 2016 is winding down.

We didn't do much this year. Having Deuce kept us close to home. He's five months old now and I can really see who he's going to be. He's very different from Jett, and that's okay. Jett was laid back, almost reserved. Deuce is outgoing and in your face. When he's over being a puppy, he's going to be a great companion. He rides better than Jett, who didn't respond well to the DH's herky-jerky driving. (Hell, I don't like the man's jerky on-and-off-the-gas driving style, but it doesn't make me throw up.) Our hope is that Deuce will be able to accompany us and we can do a bit of traveling when I either scale back my time at the day job or retire.

All-in-all, I enjoy being home. I look forward to the day I can call myself a full-time writer instead of a writer with a full-time job. I made pretty good use of my writing time during this vacation. The current WIP is at 19K. I created several simple covers for my back list, a cover for Christiane France, and got Hot August Comes back up. Not too bad. 

Now I must go through the old blog entries at Between the Keys and change any links I've missed to go to my website. Typing in some urls that have "amber" in them will direct you to strange places. I really must update those old links. What grinds my time is that I'll have to go back and update them again when the books go back out. Or not. Going to my website for more information could be a good thing. 

Life certainly changed since Vacation 2015. I shudder to think what Vacation 2017 might bring to the door. Whatever comes, I'm determined to go with the flow and keep writing. 


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