Thursday, August 4, 2016

Depends on the author

August 4, 2016

Over the last several years, it was a bit of a habit for some people in my circle to occasionally do a bit of Amazon bashing. Most of what was said was neutral ground for me, although I do agree with the assessment Big A is in fact a monopoly, whether it meets the legal criterion for said entity or not. 

Yes, Amazon has changed the publishing business. Is this bad for the author?

That depends solely on the individual author.

Is the author willing to independently do their best work without the aid and/or expense of an editor? Maybe the question should be is the author talented enough to work without an editor? Some are, and some have been good students of the editors they worked with.

A critique partner is invaluable. Is the author ready to accept suggestions from a colleague? Is the author ready to acknowledge colleagues have experience wisdom, too?

Is the author willing to learn how to make a book cover? Or is the author willing to pay a premium price for a cover if they don’t want to learn Photoshop or similar software?

Is the author willing to take the time to properly format a manuscript for digital publication?

Is the author willing to take the time to learn Amazon’s upload system, or any other for that matter? The All Romance eBooks system requires patience, but the results of my first full indie quarter there were both rewarding and...enlightening.

Is the author willing to either put their book out for review or simply not worry about it? 

Is the author willing to accept direct payment?

Is the author ready to accept her/his perceptions of the industry and those who made money from the author's intellectual property may be changed forever? 

And, for what is probably the most eye-opening part of direct publishing with Amazon or any online book seller, is the author willing to know exactly how many copies of each book is selling without that information going through a “middle man” or publishing company?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, get ready to seize the day and take charge of your future. 

KC Kendricks

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