Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some good advice arrived too late

August 11, 2016

I'd love to be sitting in the shade, under one of the majestic oak trees in my backyard. Truly, I would. There's only one problem with that. It's too hot outside. To stay cool, I'm sitting in my office with the air conditioning on, and the lights off. Am I staying cool? You bet. 

I'm also in the midst of an afternoon of staying current with the publishing industry. I consider myself a social media novice, so I ran a search for articles with tips and techniques to get the word out about my books. I'll confess the number of articles the search returned was a string of digits with about a gzillion commas, so no, I didn't read all of them, only a few. 

Keeping a presence on social media isn't easy. Blogs, Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and oh my God who knows what else. I doubt I could name them all and it's too hot to think about it. Let's just say it's all out there if you have the energy to utilize it. 

One recurring theme is to center everything on a website. I've given that one a second, third, heck, maybe even a fortieth look. Do I really want to host Between the Keys on my website? I don't know. How big do I want to allow my website to grow? It already has about seventy-five book pages. Here at Between the Keys, I'm approaching my eight-hundredth blog. Do I want to lose that history? Nope.

I understand the logic behind having everything on one site. If I were just starting out with blogging, I'd heed the advice and set the blog on my .com. 

It's a good idea that came my way a few years too late. Moral to the story - I need to make time to read industry-related articles more often. 

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