Saturday, August 20, 2016

Deuce of Diamonds: a sexy reunion

August 20, 2016

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday #155! My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop that brings the reader a sampling of different authors in the romance genre. I like to participate in MSS because 1) it's fun and 2) I get to build a relationship with other authors and 3) it's pretty clear from the bump-up in the number of visitors I get on MSS days that readers like it. Be sure to check out all the blogs using the Linky List below. 

This week is about the sexy reunion. Right away I thought about Ian and Rick. They thought they'd never see each other again, but Fate works its magic in strange ways. Here are seven sexy paragraphs from Deuce of Diamonds


“I need you, Ian.”

The last night he’d spent here, the one before his job in Amethyst Cove was wrapped up, we’d gone to bed and stared at the ceiling. Lying side by side in the dark, we’d not shared our thoughts. I’d regretted not making love one last time, even though I knew at the time he’d made the only decisions he could. Our last kiss had been bittersweet, full of regret and mourning for what would never be. Now it might be if we were both brave enough to reach for it. Was I? I turned my head and found his mouth.

His lips were fever hot, but soft and willing. He held me tighter as my mouth slid over his to taste longing mixed with hesitation. I licked his lips with a slow, deliberate swipe of my tongue, and he let me in. His tongue moved over mine—silky smooth—and the need to have him burst free in my groin. My balls tightened as my cock swelled. I pushed him against the counter and ground my pelvis to his.

Rick’s big hands cupped my ass and held me tight to him, never breaking the kiss. He was equally hard, the firm ridge of his dick bumping and grinding against mine as we mock fucked. Rumbling sounds vibrated through his chest and into mine as the kiss deepened. I needed to breathe, but I’d sooner pass out from lack of oxygen than give up his lips.

There were so many things I wanted to say to him, but none of them mattered. I needed him as much as he did me. The things that we had to say, and they were many, would have to wait until we healed the distance of the last few months.

His lips burned a path down my neck and to my ear. "Ian. Dear God, I've dreamed of you. Been haunted by you."


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About Deuce of Diamonds:

Private investigator Ian Coulter has a knack for finding trouble even when he’s minding his own business. Ian’s in the midst of a routine weekly job for movie star client Saylor Blackwood when the man confides he thinks he has a fan turned stalker. Ian stays close to Saylor to observe the people around him and gets an unwelcome shock when FBI agent Rick Mohr contacts him.

Rick Mohr has a problem. Ian’s name just popped up on an FBI watch list. Rick knows it’s guilt by association where Ian is concerned, but what about Blackwood? Rick won’t allow Ian to get dragged into the mix when he’s not involved. For Ian he’ll break whatever confidentiality rule necessary.

It doesn’t take long for Ian and Rick to join forces to clear Ian’s name and get to the bottom of what’s going on in Amethyst Cove, because on or off the case, together is how they work best.

KC Kendricks


Angelica Dawson said...

Sexy snippet! Thanks for sharing!

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Great snippet, KC, well done!