Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bourbon & Blues - new for #MSS 177

February 18, 2017

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday! This week I have seven sexy paragraphs from the brand new release, Bourbon & Blues. Bourbon & Blues is part of the Men of Marionville collection. 

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And now for our seven paragraphs.

I pulled my pants up and zipped. More than anything I wanted to lie down beside him and stay, but it wasn’t a good idea. I just met him. Getting too wrapped up in him would be foolish. I walked to his side of the bed and kissed him goodbye. 

“See you Friday, Griff.”

“Call me if you need bail, babe.”

“Likewise, hon.”

He was chuckling as I walked away.

The drive home was a short one, but it was time enough for the box my emotions lived in to open and its contents spill out. I wanted to shove it all back into its cage but it was too late.

Hope is determined to live in the light. 

ABOUT Bourbon & Blues:

Griffith Ernde missed his father’s funeral because he was drunk. When he made it to the cemetery, the gates closed with him on the inside. Griff ends up in a cell at the local precinct house charged with trespassing, and with no way to salvage the day. No doubt about, it’s a personal low in his life. Then his luck changed when Kory Watts joined him in the cell.

Kory Watts has a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stood up on a blind date at a local club, Kory gets swept up in a drug raid and lands in a cell with an inebriated stranger. When his drug test comes back clean, the duty sergeant offers Kory a deal: if he takes Griff home, they both can go with no charges. It’s not a deal Kory will refuse.

When Kory and Griff meet again, they agree to have a drink - of ice water. Neither man judges the other and it’s quickly apparent they share an attraction. As their budding relationship heats up, Kory wonders if he’s ready to get serious with a guy he just met no matter how well suited to each other they are. When Griff is suddenly charged with the murder of his father, Kory is ready to move heaven and earth to help prove him innocent, but it might not be enough to save what’s between them.

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Such a playful tease. Thanks for sharing it.