Monday, April 17, 2017

Cover reveal: Chain Lightning

April 17, 2017

It's time for another cover reveal! Chain Lightning is finally finished! I'm putting the finishing touches on the story, tidying up the formatting, and setting up the page on my website

It seems like this story took forever to write. That may be because I've had the title in my head for such a long time, and needed a proper story to go with it. Then I found the perfect Rio and did the cover before I had the first chapter completed. Not to mention Christmas, New Years, and a major crisis at the day job involving the arrest of a prominent "player" in the organization. (Even those of us who simply stand and watch got sucked into that mess. Yep. The fun never ends.)

But, no matter. Chain Lightning is almost ready to go! Look for it next weekend, April 22, 2017.


Here's the cover blurb as it stands today. It might change a bit for the actual release. - KC

There is something a little peculiar about Eli Tate. Oh, he appears normal enough on the surface, but he’s spent years trying to remember what happened to him - and why he doesn’t age. Then there’s the way he can shift shape. He doesn’t know what kind of being he really is or if there are any others like him. What he does know he’s been in the same town for thirty years and he needs to move on.

Returning to the Big Apple, Eli takes up residence in his old apartment. An evening walk turns deadly when he’s attacked by pure evil. He barely escapes with his life - thanks to a stranger named Rio who is a shape shifter like him.

Rio says he knows Eli and that he’s been searching for him for many years. Rio confesses they were once lovers. Eli has no memory of such a time, and now he’s out of options. To remember his past, and destroy the creature pursuing them, Eli has no choice but to trust Rio - and maybe fall in love with him again. 

KC Kendricks

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