Monday, March 15, 2021

This is becoming beyond annoying

March 15, 2021

Work on the new .com is progressing. Some decisions have been made and a few of them are already implemented. I have a new home page formatted using new software and it's...acceptable. Many of the pages of the old website have been taken down. 

Why is the old site still up and the new one not? Because Yahoo has hidden the DELETE SITE button somewhere unfathomable. 

Or perhaps it's because I'm of the age I like to think for myself and Yahoo does not like that. They reward herd mentality, not free-thinking (and especially not free speech). 

Here's the thing. I figured out one piece of new site building, so I know I can figure out another. 

Later today I'll see if I can get through to customer service, and you know how annoying THAT is going to be.

KC Kendricks, who feels like she's in cyberspace limbo.


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