Sunday, March 7, 2021

Switching from website to blog


March 7, 2021

A few short weeks ago I learned that Yahoo was ending support for the Site Builder software I've used since 2004. To say I'm not pleased about this is an understatement. Site Builder is...was...incredibly easy to use, especially since I was already well-acquainted with MS Publisher. Apparently, though, the powers that be consider the software inappropriate for viewing websites on a cell phone so it had to go bye-bye. 

Some day, when everyone goes blind from staring at itty-bitty screens, I'll still be chugging along on my big screen. No eye strain here. But I digress...

Years ago, yes YEARS, I began a project to mirror all the book pages of my .com here at Between the Keys. I never really got the project off the ground but now seemed like the time to get caught up. Last night I loaded the final book page and now I can start the work of looking for new website software and a new web host. Yahoo has made moves over the last few years that make me wonder at its leadership and stability. It's time to move on. 

I kinda like having the pages here at Between the Keys. I've found Blogger to be a good platform, but again, who knows how long it will remain so I need to have a .com somewhere else. Blogger did undergo an update last year that made it more difficult to use. Its next update will probably take another step toward Small Screenville. 

It's a lot of work to get done when I could, and should, be working on the latest manuscript. At what point will it become more than I want to undertake? I don't know. I'm not yet at that point, so website shopping I will go now that Blogger "has my back."

I do know one thing. Just like I printed all my .com pages to .pdf, I'll copy all the book pages here at Between the Keys in html and save them for posterity. It may be a waste of time, or it may save my bacon somewhere down the line. It's better to be prepared. 

Words to live by. It's better to be prepared. 


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