Saturday, February 26, 2022

Authentic voice - a question on Twitter

February 26, 2022

I confess - I like Twitter. All sort of folk are on Twitter and they say the weirdest things and pose the strangest questions. Earlier today, there was a question put forth about authentic voice. How/when, as a writer, did you find your authentic voice? Something like that. 

I replied I didn't know my voice was ever not authentic, and that's true. I didn't do that to be a smartass. 

But the question struck a chord with me. Suddenly, I realized why I don't read some very well-known authors. They're writing to an audience - not that I think that's a bad thing. I think it's fine. It just doesn't strike a chord with me. I'm not their audience. 

Having an authentic voice must be the reason why I've enjoyed some newer authors so much. I do try to find books that Amazon has buried because the real gems exist there. 

Now comes the question: After all these years, is my voice still authentic? 

This author has some self-examination to do, eh? Do I still have the "unique writing style" reviewers gave me praise for having? And, EGADS! Do I "sound" as tired as I am? 

Yes, I like Twitter. Twitter is full of revelations.


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