Saturday, February 5, 2022

What fun! A writer's flowchart

February 5, 2022

I sat down to write this blog and immediately needed, yes needed, a cup of tea. It continues to be cold here in western Maryland. Deuce is suffering a bad case of canine boredom. I certainly feel his pain. 

Saturday mornings can be a bit slow when it's this cold. It's become our habit to stay in bed a bit longer and once up, slurp coffee in silence. It's a much different routine than in past years. But once I make it to my computer, the routine doesn't vary too much. Check email, scan the headlines (and mutter), check social media, and then get down to the business of writing. Warm weather will bring different routines but as I'm at long last on the verge of retirement, I'm not sure what they will be. 

Today, Twitter coughed up a Writer's Flowchart that I quickly snagged for a closer read. It's actually quite good and not the "funny" I first thought it might be. It asks good questions and leads the writer down some thought-provoking avenues. Is my character at fault? In the current WIP, neither of the MCs are at fault for the circumstances that brought them together. At least, not yet. This flowchart has me toying with an idea of altered circumstances that would make something Character A's fault, yet not his deliberate fault. 

As a writer, I'm never so experienced that I can't learn, or re-learn, some of the basics. It's easy to forget a few things given the preponderance of information and "how-to" articles one can find on the web. I think the amazing thing is how sometimes these little tidbits come to us at the exact moment we need them to. When that happens, we need to take them under advisement. 

Cold or not, I've got to take my poor dog for a short walk. I won't be able to settle down to the WIP until I do. The bracing air will do us both a lot of good and I'll certainly appreciate a quietly sleeping dog as I get on with my day. 


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