Friday, September 22, 2023

The Kendricks 1200

September 22, 2023

This entry is blog number 1200 here at Between the Keys. Never could I have envisioned, back in 2008, reaching this milestone. I started this blog with an entry called Tumblin' Dice on January 1, 2008. I had just decided to take the jump to writing M/M romance and was ready to submit my first contemporary gay story to Amber Quill Press. It worked out very well, and yet so many things have happened since then. 

I don't think I began to mark these sort of "milestone" blog entries until number 500. Several of the milestone entries coincided with the year-end retrospectives, which I thought was pretty cool. This one, number twelve hundred, comes at a time when I'm at a crossroads with what I want to accomplish with my writing, moving forward. I don't have a thing to prove to myself or anyone else, so what do I want to do? 

Retirement isn't exactly as I thought it would be. I thought I'd be able to devote time each day to writing, but instead, every day is a different adventure. Take yesterday as a shining example. 

Yesterday, I stopped in at our local Dollar General to check out the seasonal decorations. When I returned to the Charger and pushed the button to start it - nothing happened. NOTHING. And that was something new and different for this car. So I hit the button again, and it told me the key fob was not in the car. OH YES  IT WAS! I pushed it a third time and the car started but it flashed me a message that the key fob battery was low. Whew! I hustled off to purchase a new battery and put it in the key fob ASAP. That was not part of the day's plan and it took up some time. 

My retirement has been like that. One little thing right after another. I'm not complaining because I know that's just life. I simply have plans for the day that are different from what the universe throws at me. I know I have to roll with it.

And that includes the writing. No, I don't produce six books a year right now, and that's fine. My life is a lot fuller than it was. No longer do I simply get up, go to work, come home, and write. I was able to do that because 1) I didn't have the energy left after working all day to do a lot of things, and 2) the spousal unit was still on his feet and able to take care of things at home. Now I do myriad things in a day, his traditional chores and mine. 

Not to mention, but I will, I've never had the need for my writing to give me the big Nora Roberts-style payday. That's what my day job was for - paycheck, health insurance, pension. That's what worked for me in the way of income and retirement planning. The writing? I've been able to avoid car payments on the last four vehicles we've purchased so that's good. 

But... You know there is always a but. Winter is coming and I hope to exhibit the discipline to write every day. All the fun stuff I do in the garden, etc., will be in winter hibernation and I'll be cooped up inside. So we shall see where that leads. 

Twelve hundred blog entries. Who knew I had that much to say?


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