Sunday, October 1, 2023

When you do something and then regret it

October 1, 2023

This past week, I had the [dubious] joy of going back to work. Hell, yes, it's temporary! I'm not that crazy, you know. My protégé, the lovely Allyson, gave birth to her daughter last week and I'm filling in while she's on maternity leave. 

Five more weeks, Allyson, and it's all yours. 

I was pleased many months ago when they asked if I'd cover for her. The idea of spending a day a week in town didn't make me too happy, but I got an instant workaround - remote access. That was a huge surprise. It works sort of okay, but I get screen freezes which isn't good when one is now being paid by the hour. 

And speaking of hours, I logged about twenty-five (25) of them last week. I'm not doing everything, just the job essentials. I felt a bit rusty, but it's coming back to me. I hope to spend a few less hours a week on the "work project." 

I worked from home a lot during the 2020 Covid pandemic shutdown. I was fortunate that no one was there when I went to the office, so I could go check the mail and come home. Now there are people there. Retirement has made me even more anti-social. The remote access wasn't set up then so I kept everything updated on the computers via a flash drive. 

The bottom line is I have a few regrets about agreeing to fill in. Life is better without deadlines. Life is better when the people you socialize with are the people you like best in the world. Life is better when I'm not waiting on the CEO to get her work done on time so I can process it. She NEVER gets anything done on time. I wonder if it's some sort of mind game. Five more weeks. 

I've grown accustomed to a loose schedule. The spousal unit and I now have "coffee time" every morning. One cup, or two, depending on the weather. I don't like having to cut short my time with him to go do work that is not writing-based. And therein lies the biggest regret. The time I have to be about the business of writing is greatly reduced. 

Will I live through it? Of course, I will. I'll do the best job I can so I can hold my head up and continue to behave like the mature adult I am. But at the end of week six, if she's not ready to come back to work, my price is going up. 


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