Friday, February 5, 2010

Of winter snows and urban legends

February 5, 2010

The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow is pretty, well, bleak. A winter storm has us in the crosshairs, and up to thirty inches of snow is possible. This is not so good. The bumper of my old Chevy truck can only push up to about twenty inches. After that, I’m stuck, with a lot of gravel lane between me and where the snowplow goes.

Actually, I don’t think I mind too much.

I just finished a story, and submitted it, last evening. It was one of the few I’ve written to a firm deadline, and I’ve discovered other people’s deadlines don’t work well for me. The writing flows much better if I stick to my own timetable. I can hear the professional writers out there snickering, saying that writing to a deadline is necessary, and I do agree. But I could have had that thing finished a month ago if a third party hadn’t set the deadline. I had way too much slack time.

And with that said, I now have to admit that I will be slacking until I get the edits for “Shine a Light,” which is due to be released February 21, 2010. Another little problem I have. Starting something new with an edit imminent. The focus wanders.

It’s time to kick back, watch the snow fall, and recharge a few creative batteries. And yet, give me a weekend away from this passion called ‘writing,’ and I’ll be like a junkie needing a fix. No joke. I must write. Here I am blogging because I know not to start a new story. I must write. God help me if the power goes out and my computer goes down for more than a few minutes. I’ll snap.

I’m not fooling anyone, even myself. I won’t watch the snow accumulate. I won’t take a nap, work a puzzle, catch up the laundry, or even read a book. If I need a recharge, I’ll slug down some caffeine. I have a new story in mind, and it’s a little different from anything I’ve done – urban legend.

Recently, I read a blog about growing and stretching as a writer, and I knew it was time to do just that. It may be the only one I ever do, or it may be the start of something wonderful. Only time will tell. But I can’t wait to get moving on it!

Stay tuned.

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