Sunday, February 28, 2010

Togetherness, house cleaning, and who's fixing lunch

Yesterday, for some odd reason, the spousal unit and I had a touch of spring fever and cleaned house. With all the snow we’ve had this year, the dining room became a staging area for dressing and undressing. Right inside the back door – shovel and the bucket of snow melt. Center of the room: four coats draped over four chairs. Gloves lined up down the long side of the table on placemats to dry. Under the table – three sets of boots, one pair of slippers, an extension cord for the snowblower and a small toolbox. At one time, we even hung wet scarves over the light fixture to dry, but at least we took those down as we went along.

Yes, the room needed a little work, and we decided the time had come. Maybe it was the need to clear a space so we could sit at the table together and enjoy Saturday morning coffee that tipped the scales. It led to the discussion of whether of not we needed a mudroom, but you know what? I refuse to sweat the small stuff, and having the dining room be messy for a few weeks, out of necessity, is really teeny, tiny stuff. I might be of different mind if didn’t have a lot of throw rugs to protect the oak floor, but hey, old towels would have worked as well. Small stuff.

After coffee, we tidied up, loaded our weapons and went to work. I put a new bag in the vacuum, and went to the opposite end of the house while he attacked the dust with furniture polish. We passed in the middle.

What was to be a simple dust and vacuum day, turned serious. Woodwork got wiped down, ceiling fans got cleaned, crystal stemware (which hang from a custom rack built by my honey over the kitchen island) got a rinse in the dishwasher. We went a little crazy for it only being the end of February with lots of wet weather to come. It was worth it, though, because we did it together.

If you’re wondering, no, helping with housework did not come naturally to the spousal unit. It took two rounds of cancer, and watching me slave at a full-time job I’m not fond of and manage a successful writing career while taking care of him and our home, for him to realize he really hadn’t done enough to carry his half of the Life Together load. I wish he’d share the details of that epiphany, because I’d write it down for future reference. But that’s history and not today.

This morning, he’s sitting in our very clean dining room, waiting for me to finish this blog entry so I can join him. I’m pondering whether or not yesterday was enough togetherness for one weekend. Chapter seven of the current work-in-progress is calling, and this chapter contains the Big Reveal. I feel like a junkie today, and I need a fix of prose more than another shot of caffeine.

I guess I’ll go join him for half an hour. I can enjoy my spotless office after I enjoy my clean dining room. If I play my cards right, he’ll fix lunch and I can bang out the whole chapter today. I wonder if he’ll take the dog out on the patio and brush him, too? I guess that depends on when the Las Vegas race coverage begins.

So, there you have it - a slice of the writing life for February 28, 2010. Not so glam, but certainly glorious!

KC Kendricks
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