Thursday, April 7, 2011

The F-Word

April 7, 2011
A to Z Blogging Challenge
Day 6 - F


When did “the F-word” become such a bad thing?

I'm a writer, and I like F-words. F-words are fundamental to my life, and I want to share my list with you today.

Fable – a story, a tale, a legend.

Faith – a belief or conviction

Farsighted – prescient, discerning, wise

Fascinate – captivate, enthrall, tempt, tantalize, charm, delight

Fellowship – friendship, comradeship

Fervent – passionate, ardent

Fiction – storytelling

Forbearance – endurance, self-control

Force – drive, wrest, extract

Fortitude- strength, firmness of purpose

Forward – onward, progressing

Foundation – bedrock, principles

Freedom – independence, liberty

Fulfillment – accomplishment, achievement, completion

Fundamental – elemental, intrinsic, essential, necessary


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GigglesandGuns said...

Excellent choice of F words.
And yes, I fully expected something else.


Melissa Bradley said...

Your F words are awesome, even though you've left off my obviously favorite one. :)

KC Kendricks said...

Melissa! You don't mean...? Do you? You're such a lady!

Mary - thanks for stopping by Between the Keys! We aim to give food for thought.