Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xanthippe for a day

April 28, 2011
A to Z Blogging Challenge
Day 24 - X

I think it would be appropriate to confess the letter ‘X’ almost stumped me. There are the usual “X Factor” ideas, and the list of strange and obscure words begging with the letter X, but I don’t count those as too original. And let’s not mention my fear that with all us authors blogging about the really cool X-words that are out there, some reviewer whose wit does not outpace the English language will start using them to describe contemporary gay romance books. (Make a bet, anyone?)

In my quest for X, I did find this one and it struck a chord:
xanthippe- an ill-tempered woman. That might very well describe me today. Here I am, all the way to X, and the well of words has filled with silt, and it’s made me cranky.

And cranky authors are not a good thing. Unless you're Maxine.

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