Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

To all who celebrate the mystery and joy Easter - He is Risen!

And yes, KC is on her computer instead of being among the faithful at her house of worship. It gets too crowded on Easter morning and someone I haven't seen in a year is always in my favorite seat. :) Besides, I'm cooking for a hungry hoarde due to arrive in a mere three hours and thirty minutes. Who wants to peel the potatoes? Vacuum the living room floor? Glaze the ham? Sweep the walk after last night's storm? Can I get a little help here?

I didn't set out to blog about all that. No, it's my horror-scope again. If it seems strange that I celebrate Easter and also read my horoscope - hey, life is full of contridictions so move along and get over it. Anyway, Mercury is just out of retrograde and I get this for today:

Your intellectual energy is pulsing today, and you should find that it's easier than ever to tackle big issues with ease. In fact, your good ideas come so quickly that you should write them down!

The universe has too much fun at my expense. Excuse me. Did you not just hear me say I have to cook? Who has time for good ideas when one is glazing a ham and making biscuits? Oh well, I can always write them in butter.

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