Friday, April 29, 2011

Yellow Cars

April 29, 2011
A to Z Blogging Challenge
Day 25 - Y

There’s something about a yellow car that grabs the attention. They’re like a burst of moving sunshine. I’ve never owned one, nor do I plan to, but I confess I like them.

I take it back. I certainly would own one like this.

Or this. I actually did own a 1969 Camaro, like this one, only in that weird shade of medium green Chevy had year.

Oh, heck. I fibbed again. Give me a Gibbs car!

Or a Nash Bridges ride!

And let’s not forget two-time Winston Cup champ Terry Labonte’s best ride. It was easy to keep an eye on the rooster, back in the day.

A buddy of mine had one of these. He was a little Starsky and Hutch crazy, but he got over it before he ruined this paint scheme.

And so goes the next to the last day of the A to Z 2011 Blogging Challenge. I hope you enjoyed the sunbursts.


Sharon Hamilton said...

I wrote today about the Royal Wedding too. I agree with you on all counts. I was proud for them. Wish our people looked as regal as Kate's family did...

Fast Cars. You like fast cars? I had to get rid of my CLK MB. We have these little things here in California called potholes. The tires on that car were done at 10k miles. Little fact they didn't tell me when I bought it. And at 1800 for 4 tires, it was a little insane.

Poof! Gone now. All better. Still like to look.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Oh, and I'm so stealing the Maxine cartoon. Needed it yesterday for my blog.

KC Kendricks said...

Hi Sharon :) Yep -I'm into American Muscle Cars. It ain't cool if the chrome don't shine!

Laurence Modithre  said...

A burst of moving sunshine. LOL. Yes, they are definitely head turners. Yellow cars are like from cartoon towns. Hehe. I'd love to have that 1969 Camaro.

KC Kendricks said...

I do regret selling my 69 Camaro, but the guy I sold it to really fixed it up. He still has it in his garage, so I think I made a good decision to let him have it. It took Chevy 40 years to get the Camaro "right" again.