Monday, September 16, 2013

We drank the whole thing!

September 16, 2013

For the record, I am not a lush. I just enjoy a glass of wine from time-to-time. Recently I posted about our road trip to some Maryland wineries and the purchases we made. This is a follow-up to that blog. Yes, we guzzled enjoyed the whole bottle. It was only two big glasses each.

This past weekend started off like many others. I was up early, writing, and after a sufficient amount of daylight infiltrated the bedroom, Himself shuffled to the coffee maker and then to his chair. After he'd had a chance to get his eyes open, I joined him. 

We putzed around the house and yard for awhile but in due course, it had to happen. Someone had to say the words. 

"What are we going to do today?" can be almost the most annoying words in the English language after "What's for supper?". 

We decided to make lasagna. It's a great cook-once-and-eat-four-times plan and the first plating calls for a good wine. We consulted the wine rack and decided, by default, to pop the cork on the Elk Run Annapolis Sunset. I say by default because we didn't have Merlot. But hey - it worked! 

And it was sooooooo good. And for us, that's what makes the wine. We don't care about awards and critical acclaim, we go for the taste. 

Light and slightly sweet, Annapolis Sunset is definitely on our "buy again" list. It's perfect for supper on the patio on a crisp September evening. Give it a try if you get the chance. 



Elise Fallson said...

That sounds really good. I drank something similar over New Years, except I didn't share my bottle, though I really, really should have, lol! (:

KC Kendricks said...

The upside is I sleep good after a glass of wine and after two I sleep really, really good LOL!!!!