Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Live, learn, improve

September 23, 2013

A little over a week ago I stumbled upon the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Now I love simple to the inth degree so I signed up, and I'll probably continue to do so for the near future. It's fun going around to the different blogs and seeing what everyone else is working on AND finding some great new-to-me authors. That's the up side. The down side is boy did I discover I'd made a huge mistake by omission on my blog. 

Of all the incredibly stupid things to not do, I didn't have my name at the top of my blog. Okay it was one tiny scroll down the page, but I know better! Heck, when you go to my website my name jumps off the page at you. 

And even worse, I didn't realize this until I clicked onto another author's website and had to search to see whose site it was. That's when it hit me. I needed a simple block at the top of the blog with a welcome. You know, you are here and here is at KC Kendricks' Between the Keys. Simple. 

On my travels to the other My Sexy Saturday blogs I noticed so many things I really liked. There are a lot of really creative people at there. I like the look of Between the Keys so I don't know how many of those ideas I can build on, but there may be a few. 

Live, learn, improve. That's just the way it is. 


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