Friday, September 27, 2013

Title, title....what should be the title?

September 27, 2013

One of the things I like about Amber Quill/Amber Allure (please note this company closed March 30, 2016) is the opportunity to take two or three stories and publish them in a paperback anthology. And while the demand for paperbacks is currently not what it once was, I think it's great to have a printed copy or two on my personal bookshelf. Yes, it's a vanity thing, but I don't care what society says, we're all entitled to some minor vanities every now and then. 

So that brings me around to having to fill out one of those *(;^!%(*! publisher forms. Not my favorite thing to do. (I don't know any author who leaps at the chance to fill out the forms so I'm not alone.) I've known since I was halfway through writing Kentucky 98 Proof it would probably go into an anthology with Doors of Time. What's the hold up you ask? Why do I seem to be dragging my feet? Ready for some bad grammar? I don't got no title. 

Usually it's easy to come up with a title for a compilation. What You Don't Confess and Your Whisper in the Dark became Whispered Confessions.  Double Deuce and Deuce of Diamonds became Double Diamonds. Between the Moon and the Deep Blue Sea and Catching Fireflies became Catch the Moon. You see the pattern. But for the life of me I can't seem to hit on a combination I like for Kentucky 98 Proof and Doors of Time

Door to Kentucky? Kentucky Time? Proof of Time? Door Proof? 98 Doors? You see the problem. Nothing sounds quite right. I have a sheet of possibilities, all titles I've thought up over the years for stories but not chosen and nothing on the list strikes a chord in me either. I love both those stories and I want a hard copy on my shelf, darn it! 

Settling on a title is at the top of my list for this weekend. Will I get to scratch it off the list? Stay tuned. I'll let ya know. 

**When Amber Quill closed in 2016 all the paperbacks went out of print.**


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