Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's Five Hearts for Kentucky 98 Proof

September 7, 2013 

Hearts on Fire Reviews has given Kentucky 98 Proof a 5 Heart rating! My thanks to reviewer Diane for her kind words. In these times of nastiness, it's so very refreshing to get a straightforward book review from someone who actually read the book. 

Here's a snippet from the review: 

If you like romance, men in uniforms and smart guys, cabin settings and seemingly opposites attracting, you’ll like this story – and there are quite a few hot scenes, as well as straight ahead romantic and funny ones. Great story that I would recommend! - Diane, reviewer

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It's been great fun watching this book take off. Some books do, and some don't, so I think it's important a writer keep it all in perspective. Enjoy the ones that do, and don't angst over the ones that don't. Just tell the story, send it out into the world, and move on to the next one. So I'm enjoying the ride. 

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KC Kendricks

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