Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kentucky 98 Proof confirmed Bestseller

August 30, 2013

It's been a very special Labor Day holiday so far. We hit the Maryland Wine Trail (fun!), the bowling season started (fun!), and Kentucky 98 Proof was confirmed a Bestseller at All Romance eBooks (FUN!!).  Oh, yeah - and there was a small flock of wild turkeys in the west woods. I think that means the fox family has finally moved on. But back to the business of writing...

I got a nice email from the lady who owns and operates All Romance eBooks telling me Kentucky 98 Proof was an ARE Best seller. Yea! She even sent me the little button for on my website and blog. I think I can take a few seconds and brag a bit here at Between the Keys. 

Not every story a writer pens turns out the way they intended.  As the story unfolds, the characters speak and directions change and new ideas are incorporated. Sometimes it's difficult to find the finish line. Sometimes you can't wait to get there. Sometimes, although rarely, it's a struggle. When it gets tough, I simply set the story aside for a week or two and work on a different project and allow my subconscious to simmer the problem. Works every time. 

And then there all the stories that come to the writer in a flash, complete and ready to go. You can't get the words on the page fast enough! It's all THERE and you're connected to it in ways that makes anything and everything that takes you away from it an unwelcome intrusion. Kentucky 98 Proof was that kind of story for me. 

So I'm delighted it's doing well and I thank each and every one of you for reading it. 

**UPDATE** All Romance eBooks has closed, but that does not negate the fact Kentucky 98 Proof was a best seller at the store. 




Natalija said...

Congratulations on making the list!

KC Kendricks said...

Thank you! And thanks for following along on Pinterest. So many great photo on there! I go to add one photo and start to look around and the next thing I know an hour has passed.