Saturday, August 8, 2015

Circle of Steel cover reveal

August 8, 2015

Updated April 7, 2016

Circle of Steel has a new cover! When Amber Quill Press closed, I was already working on improving my Photoshop skills. This blog was about the original cover from the publisher. And yes, since I was able to use the photo I supplied the cover guru, which he wouldn't use, I like mine a lot better. - KC

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It's time for a cover reveal here at Between the Keys. I know, I know. We authors are trained like Pavlov's dogs to yell "new cover" into every corner of the Internet. It gets old and that's why I don't do it all that much. BUT.... I like this cover.

That's only fair since I photoshopped the concept photo and sent it to the cover guru at Amber Quill Press. I think he did a good job of taking my idea and morphing it into the house style cover. 

We've got the sunset view off the hero's balcony. We've got the pair of wineglasses for him and his lover. But we've also got the high rise building that comes into play when a sniper targets the residents of Amethyst Cove. And of course we have Ian - our hero. 

(I won't mention how much I like my name above the title because that seems a bit, you know, shallow. True, but shallow.)

Yep. Good job.

Circle of Steel is due out next weekend. I'll do the full-blown promo then, probably as part of My Sexy Saturday.

Check back! 


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