Saturday, August 15, 2015

Circle of Steel by KC Kendricks

August 15, 2015

Welcome to Between the Keys! I'm covering a lot of ground today. It's a My Sexy Saturday Saturday for me, the cousin's picnic is today, AND Circle of Steel is to be released sometime this weekend. I don't even want to talk about tomorrow yet! 

Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove series is a complete joy to write. I think Ian and Rick are the best couple I've created. They're human, and flawed, yet perfect for each other. They struggle to make things work but never fail to pull together when the going gets tough. 

Circle of Steel is book four for Ian and Rick. 

Now available at AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.

Now on to seven sexy boyfriend paragraphs from 
Circle of Steel.


There was still a cool edge between us that demanded caution. We were two strong-willed guys and we both knew butting heads was inevitable. It was how we handled the aftermath that would keep us strong. Love, respect and forgiveness were watchwords for us, as was understanding that frequently the frustrations we felt, and the ones that spilled over, were not necessarily with each other, but outside forces.

“Oh, my God. My own bed! I really did die and go to heaven.”

“What a fucking drama queen.” I kicked off my running shoes and peeled out of my shirt before I turned to help him with his sling.

“Ian. What’s that bulge in your jeans?”

“A really big dick, unlike the fake sock in your pants.”

“Now he’s throwing insults—ouch!” He grimaced and cradled his bad arm. He’d let the arm drop to his side too fast.

“Let that be a lesson to you. Pay attention.”

Book IV in Ian Coulter's Amethyst Cove series
Now available at AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble, and Kobo.

More about Circle of Steel:

Private investigator Ian Coulter and his FBI partner Rick Mohr work hard and play harder. Making their relationship a priority is a challenge they willingly embrace. Life is better together, and when their cases overlap, it also gets pretty interesting.

An evening stroll turns deadly when a sniper targets Rick. Needing to be with his lover, Ian has to trust Rick’s team with the hunt for the shooter. As Rick heals tensions between the men escalate and some uncomfortable truths are revealed.

Ian gets a break in the case but the sniper proves to be elusive.  With the FBI conducting a manhunt in Amethyst Cove, Ian has to deal with his own man. It’ll take patience and some tough love to heal recent fractures and secure the future he wants with Rick.  

KC Kendricks

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