Friday, August 14, 2015

ACBW - A Conversation Between Writers - Donut Holes & Bowling Balls

August 14, 2015

Got no writing done today--wore myself out hunting for granny smith apple trees. Went a dozen places, found one. I tore out my other fruit trees close by the house as they were making too much of a mess. Now starting a new orchard by the barn. Only going to have apples. Peaches, cherries and other such trees never did well here.

Also stopped at Dunkin Donuts, told the guy I wanted two dozen, then thought about it and told him one more dozen. It's so far from home and they freeze well. By the time my son and I got home, we had polished off a half dozen. Not as quickly as you'd think--we were out for four hours. - BrendaWilliamson
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We're quite found of doughnuts, too, or at least we used to be. The place to get doughnuts in this town is Krumpe's. It's a little hole in the wall down an alley but they built up a great business. Trouble is they deep fry the doughnuts and the last couple of times I could taste the grease. Very disappointing. I want to make my own. Ina Garten did baked doughnuts on her tv show. I'd like to give that recipe a try. Before you think, 'ack! baked!' the recipe uses over a stick of butter. What's not to like about any recipe that uses a stick of butter? Didn't we just talk about dieting and now we're talking doughnuts? Now I need to go buy a doughnut pan. 

PS. Bowled good Friday night. Had a 248 game. Yea, me!!!! - KC Kendricks

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