Friday, January 20, 2017

System FAIL!

January 20, 2017

Establish the facts.

1. I'm a lifelong bowler and I'm not too bad at it. 
2. I only bowl one house and I know about 75% of the house bowlers by name.
3. I hate to discuss politics. 
4. If you try to drag me into a political discussion, I will rip you and not feel guilty.
5. Friday night is my bowling night.
6. January 20 was Inauguration Day.


This evening I arrived at the bowling alley a little early. I got all my equipment out of my locker and dropped it behind the lanes I was scheduled to roll on. I then went to the snack bar and commandeered a bar stool to wait my turn to order a Pepsi. Yes, I drink a soda a week and that's at the bowling alley. 

A young woman landed on the stool beside mine. I estimate she's about twenty. I didn't know her. If she's bowling in the league, she's a newbie. I haven't bowled against her. 

She said hello and then asked if I'd watched the Inauguration Day happenings. I answered truthfully. I did watch the swearing in but nothing else. Today was a work day and I did have duties to perform, but I wanted to see the president sworn in. Seeing is believing, so they say. 

Anyway, this young snot I didn't know began to pontificate on her opinions of the new president (as though I care about her opinions). And that's when It happened. 

She started to rant about the plans to reform immigration. In HER opinion, the new president should start with his WIFE. 

[Everyone should pause to think here.]

Do we not teach the basic laws of the United States in our schools? At what point did marriage to someone of another nationality become null and void? 

I don't care where the new first lady was born. She legally married an American citizen, a man born on our soil. They've been married more than three years. There is nothing illegal about her presence in the United States. Do we really not teach this stuff in school any longer? Is it now completely unnecessary to learn the basics about United States citizenship? 

That girl is walking proof of the failure of our very expensive school system to impart even basic knowledge to young people. 

I was less than kind to her in pointing out the error of her thinking and did later search for her to tender an apology. I explained it wasn't her opinion I found at fault because everyone is free to allow stupid to fall out of their mouth from time-to-time. I apologized for not educating her about that particular situation. That was my fail.

My problem with what she said lies in the fact that had her education provided her with basic citizenship knowledge, she would not have been going around the bowling alley blathering about deporting the new first lady as an illegal immigrant. 

System fail. 

KC Kendricks

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