Saturday, January 28, 2017

WWW - A Hard Habit to Break

January 28, 2017

I'm participating today for the first time in the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop! I came across it through the My Sexy Saturday blog hop and thought I'd give it a try. WWW is a weekly blog hop where authors post eight sentences from a published work or a work in progress. Blog posts are to go live between noon Saturday and 9:00 AM Sunday. It's a great way to meet new authors and expand networks. Be sure to check out all the Weekend Writing Warriors blogs here.  

Here are eight sentences from A Hard Habit to Break, book one in the Men of Marionville series. 


“Tell me, Heath.  Say the words.”

I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear, amazed I could force the words out. “I need you, Travis. I always will.”

We stood in the middle of his brightly painted kitchen, clinging to each other like two drowning men who’d suddenly found a rock to hold.

My thoughts raced, yet everything was clear, all doubts stripped away. I would stay in his arms until we fell from exhaustion if he’d let me.


“A Hard Habit to Break is full of passion, love, and longing”.- Joyfully Reviewed

About the book:

As the reigning stud of the local gay club scene, every guy in the county knows Travis Templeton and vies for his attention. Travis wears his crown lightly, careful not to break any hearts. He knows what it’s like to really love someone who doesn’t love you back- at least, not in the way you want.

Heath Kelley made the biggest mistake of his life the night before his best friend Travis left for college. One small action snowballed into years of silent misunderstanding and empty distance. When Heath accepts a transfer that sends him to his hometown, he doesn’t know Travis has moved back home, too. It doesn’t take long for the men to reconnect.

Admitting they never stopped thinking of each other as “best friends” is easy. Forgiveness of past sins is easy, but confessing their secrets comes harder. When Heath discovers the truth about Travis’ private life, the newly repaired bonds of friendship are stretched taut.

It’s time for Travis to choose – the love of his best friend, or a life of settling for second best. 

Book I of the Men of Marionville collection
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KC Kendricks


Nancy Gideon said...

Welcome, KC!! You'll love it here. It's a great, enthusiastic group. LOVE your snippet - so passionate and expressive and yet powerful in its simplicity. Well done!

Veronica Scott said...

Welcome to the Warriors! Enjoyed the snippet, a tender moment indeed.

Christina Ochs said...

Welcome to the hop! Loved your intense, emotional snippet.

Ed Hoornaert said...

This is a great snippet to introduce yourself to the group. I've enjoyed it, especially since I discovered the secret of commenting on everyone's posts. Welcome.

Kimberly Gould said...

So much desperation in those few words. Great snippet and welcome to WeWriWa!

Caitlin Stern said...


I like the contrast between their setting and their emotions. Very intense snippet!

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys and for the warm welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

Teresa Cypher said...

This is so powerful: "... like two drowning men who’d suddenly found a rock to hold." It conveys such deep emotions. Nicely done!

Welcome to the WEWRIWA. :-)

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Welcome! This is an awesome group, though some of us race to keep up...sorry, new release craziness.

Very touching scene. Great snippet!

KC Kendricks said...

Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys! Life does get a bit hectic at times. I've got the next Men of Marionville story coming up in a few days and my checklist is not full of checkmarks.