Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wisdom at 66

July 26, 2017

Every once in a while, cyberspace, namely Google, throws me a bone. I ran a search on Easter Island and up popped a story about Wisdom the Laysan albatross

Having followed Wisdom for several years, I must confess I didn't check on her this past spring. She's at least 66 years old now, and I suppose I fear that one day there will be bad news. 

This year's little fluffball hatched on February 16th. It's estimated this chick is number 30 to 35 for Wisdom. At the time, both appeared to be in good health. Proud pappa Akeakamai is not Wisdom's first mate. She's had several in the course of her life, outliving them all. The chick has already been banded and I wish for it as long a life as its mother's. 

Wisdom was first banded December 10, 1956, as an adult, so we do have a close approximation of her age. It's wonderful to have such a history on her, except we don't. Wisdom is a bit sneaky. After they managed to put a band on her, she evaded being spotted until 2002! Can you imagine the surprise when the scientists realized who they'd found? 

I enjoy a good success story. Long may Wisdom prosper. 


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