Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shining Victory for this WWW blog hop

July 8, 2017

I'm participating today in the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop! WWW is a weekly blog hop where authors post eight to ten sentences from a published work or a work in progress. Blog posts are to go live between noon Saturday and 9:00 AM Sunday. It's a great way to meet new authors and expand networks. Be sure to visit the WEWRIWA page to check out all the Weekend Writing Warriors blogs. Click here to go to the home page.  It's good stuff. Don't miss out.

This week, I have a short excerpt from Shining Victory, which was made available this past week. Enjoy!

“Call me old again, and I’ll show you what old can do.”

Levi licked his lips, taunting me. “So show me…old man.”

I pulled his lips to mine, until they almost touched. “You’re too eager,” I whispered.

His hand cupped my aching balls as his thumb ran across my bulging zipper.

“Eager? Me? You’ve got some nerve calling me eager.”

Quick as lightning, his hand snaked down the front of my jeans…



Stacy James survived a life-shattering accusation to become a successful businessman with a lot to offer a partner. He's finally put his ghosts to rest, and is ready for someone in his life, if the right man comes along.

Young and wild, ace mechanic Levi Wright builds engines made for speed. When Levi's volatile temper lands him nose-to-nose with trouble, Stacy ignores his own rules and steps in to save Levi from making a big mistake. But Stacy can't ignore Levi's smoldering sexuality as the younger man then pursues him.

And Levi has made it clear he's out to get his man.

Available at:

KC Kendricks 


Jessica E. Subject said...

What a tease! LOL Congrats on your new release! :)

KC Kendricks said...

Thank you! And thanks for stopping by Between the Keys :)

Kimberly Gould said...

There seems only one direction this taunting can go!

Alexis Duran said...

Sounds like they're both pretty eager! Fun dialogue in this steamy snippet.

Amy Braun said...

This is getting hot... and I like it! ;) Congrats on the release!

Ed Hoornaert said...

Congratulations on the release!

Nancy Gideon said...

Whoa! Hello!! Don't ever discount us old folks!!

KC Kendricks said...

Thank you all for stopping by Between the Keys!

Diane Burton said...

Congrats on your new release. Levi doesn't waste any time, does he?