Thursday, July 6, 2017

Shining Victory and No One But You

July 6, 2017

Levi and Stacy hold a special place in my booklist. After I wrote their story from Stacy's point of view, I knew I had to continue it from Levi's in No One But You. I love the way the set turned out. I really should do that for a few other couples. 

I'm very pleased to make Shining Victory and No One But You available again. 


Stacy James survived a life-shattering accusation to become a successful businessman with a lot to offer a partner. He's finally put his ghosts to rest, and is ready for someone in his life, if the right man comes along.

Young and wild, ace mechanic Levi Wright builds engines made for speed. When Levi's volatile temper lands him nose-to-nose with trouble, Stacy ignores his own rules and steps in to save Levi from making a big mistake. But Stacy can't ignore Levi's smoldering sexuality as the younger man then pursues him.

And Levi has made it clear he's out to get his man. 

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Lovers Stacy James and Levi Wright keep their relationship hot and spicy by enjoying the little things in life. Levi welcomes Stacy home from a business trip by delighting his partner with a quick trick in the men’s room of a local pool hall.  An offhand comment by a stranger cools Stacy’s ardor, and sets in motion a chain reaction that rocks the very foundation of Levi’s world. He’s never cheated on Stacy, but Stacy has sudden doubts. 

On his own, Levi is tested in his discoveries – about Stacy, their relationship, and about the kind of man he wants to be. One thing he knows for certain. He’s not losing Stacy over a careless whisper that isn’t true, but will the only man he’ll ever love forgive his angry words?

Stacy made the worst mistake of his life telling his lover to find another place to sleep. Levi might be younger, but he’s a man, with a man’s pride. Stacy draws on all his experience to walk a road full of detours and pitfalls to meet Levi halfway, and bring him home. Because for Stacy, there’s no one but Levi.

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KC Kendricks


Natalija said...

Wonderful books. "No One But You" even made me cry. I'll have to re-read them ASAP.

KC Kendricks said...

Thank you! I keep telling myself I'm going to write the next part of their story but I'm actually worried I won't do them justice.